Location:  36 Faneuil St., Brighton, MA     
  • Next to 86 and 64 bus routes to Harvard, Central, and Kendall. Short walking distance to 57 bus to Kenmore and the express 501 bus to Downtown Boston. 
  • Within 5 miles distance of all of Boston's neighborhoods. Ideal location for bikers!  
  • Next to McKinney Playground and Park (with basketball hoops, baseball field)
  • Quick stroll to Brighton Center, Oak Square, and Allston Village (tons of restaurants, bars, people etc.)
Shared Responsibilities
  • Chores, do a 2 - 4 hours a month of chores like cleaning, grocery shopping, etc.
  • Meetings, plan to meet with roommates about once a week to check in, make plans, review house processes etc.
  • We have 6 rooms (~7 members) and the rent is 656 per room (+100 for two people in a room) and the summer sublet is 450.
  • 2 family residence
  • Backyard is cute.  has picnic table and a big ol' maple tree.  The back is shady because of tree but we try to garden here anyway. 
  • Founded in August 2011. 
  • The Maple Tree seed is nicknamed a whirlybird and there's bucket loads of them in the backyard thanks to an awesome maple tree in the backyard.  

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