About us

NATE (35) made this video with brother, which probably better depicts me than words. I'm a grad student going back for an MBA.  Like to camp, paint, draw, movies, watch scientists talk on the internet, hang out, eat, and make occasional big group plans. I've been in several co-ops and the experiences have profoundly impacted me and made me a better person. I want to continue to improve myself and others by living in this cool "new" way to live called a coop.  It's where people come to live and share common spaces with each other in a vibrant mix of personalities ideas and interactions basically like a supportive family which I greatly appreciate.  

GILBERT (9) I moved here from Indiana Jan 2012.  I love long runs and chasing balls in the park.  I am not a picky eater and my stomach is bigger than my eyes, nose, head, and the rest of my body combined.  I just love food SO MUCH.  I'm a garbage dog and nobody loves me.  Pls, I need love.  Join our house and love me by feeding me all day and all night.  Then we can be best friends for ever!

JIMMY (23) Graduated way too early from college and is struggling to figure out adulthood. He plays the French horn in various community ensembles, and is known to pick up and set down his feet at a regular pace in the warm months. Sasha (Mama Dog/Snoshers) is his lovely 6 year old pit bull who loves everyone and everything! 

CELESTE (24): A Haiku About Me:
My name is Celeste
I identify as trash
I have two turtles


Felix (21): A little bio about me: My name is Felix, I'm not going to school for sustainable agriculture, I'm queer (They/Them/Theirs), a freegan, an activist, and an artist. When not obsessively collecting small plants for my room/around the house or going to the beach at night, I like to spend my time pretending I'm an artist and volunteering at things like food not bombs, soup kitchens, and pretty much anywhere else I think is doing good. While at home, I like to do art, play music, have genuine interactions, garden, write, and meditate. When not at home, I like to bike around, go to shows, hike, jam with friends, swim, and heck up the patriarchy.


OLIVIA (98 at heart, birth certificate says 23): Is this like a dating profile for roommates? Will anybody ever read this? I enjoy long walks on the beach and romantic poetry, but only if it rhymes and includes my name. Currently working in the field of adoption and loving it. I also love history (especially proud of my American Civil War Spotify playlist) and looking at the ocean. Graduated from Loyola Chicago recently with a degree in Anthropology and Sociology because it seemed so practical and here at Whirly because intentional community is a thing that I feel passionate about. Gilbert the dog is my only real friend.

Andrew (25): has small ears. 


MICHELA (27) is a professional avocado pitter and egg flipper, I enjoy heated discussions and Gilmore Girl marathons. The passions of my life include singing, experiencing the outdoors, laughing, challenging myself and others, musical experiences and television addiction. I have watched every episode of the West Wing and Veronica Mars- and Toby Ziegler and Veronica are my heroes (outside of my mom and Beyonce). I'm deep in a Kacey Musgraves obsession, and ladies making media are INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT to me. I'm from Minnesota, that beautiful amazing land of magic. BARZ n HOTDISH are on the menu... get hungry <3

CAROLINE (24) is a queer, cisgendered white woman who is working in the GB area. She’s a media junkie w/ a special love for pop music, horror movies, and TV. Her interests include (but R by no means limited 2) racial justice, health inequity, queerness and drag culture. GOOFY, GRITTY, GLAMOROUS; a refreshing flavor for all seasons. I am a supportive, open-minded young lady whose radical mind is blossoming every day. I advocate against instances of cruelty across the board and strive to act in a manner that validates/values all identities, bodies, and beings. I'm not here to make friends...................I'm here to make family  :') :3 XP :) :D

JEREMY (26) embodies the life and times of Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, is curious about most things and questions everything, enjoys public transit (especially trains), and  crossing the street on the the diagonal! He is involved in activist and social justice work around the Boston area and tries to build community where ever he goes. In college, he made a documentary short. Watch it here!

Bryan (26). I was told to talk about "games, general funniness, manbun, and manbun sensitivity" when I told Nate and Caroline I didn't know what to write. I think that's actually a good order to go in. Games are really important to me. I love board games, card games, video games, sports, contests, all kinds of games. I think general funniness refers to the fact that I love to make puns and silly jokes, which results in people thinking I love to make bad puns (the truth is that when you make a lot of puns, a good chunk of them end up being bad). I have a top knot, which people often call a manbun. It usually gets a lot of comments about little hats for manbuns or hair loss, which can get tired pretty quickly. I work in a group home right now and am thinking about going back to grad school next year, once I figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life. Music is really important to me and Spotify Discover is one of my favorite things. I make way too many playlists on Spotify, but that means I have one for every occasion :) Currently I spend a lot of time on Reddit and playing Fallout 4, but I love picking up new hobbies and I learn things quickly, so suggest something for us to learn and do together and I'm in!

Marcelo: 25, from Michigan, just moving to Boston.  I'm beginning a job in the field of children's behavioral health in August.  I enjoy playing soccer, music (I dabble with a handful of instruments, but not a lot of talent), running, and cooking.  I like to learn about cultures different from my own, especially through sharing a meal.   I'm bringing my dad's old Trek road bike and can't wait to take advantage of the great stuff our area has to offer, like Commonwheels.  I look forward to getting to know my housemates through conversation, sharing meals, and sharing work around the house.  I'm hopeful to get involved with our neighborhood

Ryan: age 25, moving to Boston from a year of AmeriCorps in Buffalo, NY, after 5 years in Grand Rapids, MI, and growing up in North Central Ohio. For fun, I like to read and write, do lots of cooking, camp and ride bikes, hang out with kids, visit art museums and libraries, and I just got interested in letterpress and book arts. Conversations are really important to me. Also, I'll be starting a grad program in English this fall and can't wait to participate in the Whirlybird Coop.

Kelly: 22 yrs, I grew up right outside of Seattle, WA spending my time involved in art, music, writing, and enjoying nature. I ventured to Boston four years ago to attend The School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University focusing in photography, installation, and video.  But the change of location has brought me so much more. I now work in my welding shop at school, walk and care for pups around Massachusetts, volunteer at The Lucy Parsons Center, a radical independent, collectively run bookstore and community center, in Jamaica Plain, and was a cook for over a year. I feel so fortunate to become a part of the Whirlybird family. Being part of this collective community has brought together people of all different backgrounds and interests. It provides a safe space for the free exchange of ideas, sharing skills, helping one another, and creating within an open environment.  I am interested in people's stories and how we are all interconnected as humans. I want to contribute to brining awareness through art and activism.  I have a nomadic soul, enjoy adventures and experiencing new and diverse environments. Love to bike everywhere! And support local businesses vs corporations as much as possible. I have a chinchilla, Professor Hubert Chaos, who lives at Whirlybird too!