spreadsheet accounting
  house fund - makes sure everyone deposits house fund on time and review purchases.
  utilities - determine per person costs every month and pay bill.  Check that utility charts update on website. 
  rent - make sure everyone gets in checks on time.

 every 1-2 weeks
  empty compost into bin
  add equal part dead leaves
  wash transport bin
  leave outside to dry
  take in dry transport bin

 every week
  empty all recycling and trash bins
  wheel out bins to street Sunday night
  bring back bins next day
  mid week or when needed
  empty trash and recycling bins
  check for larger recycling on right side of fridge
 every month
  wash out trash/recycling bin and lid with bleach.  wash and bleach surrounding floor/walls of trash bin. 

living room
 every week
  sweep up the dog hair
  tidy up.  items left on table should be put away.  lost and found area perhaps needed. 
  wipe down dinner table and dust other table surfaces. 
 every month
  defur the couch
 every week
  tidy up.  clear out all drying racks and table surfaces. 
  clean stove
  bleach tabletop
  bleach drying rack and surface beneath
  bleach sink and surrounding surfaces
 every month
  wash rags (along with kitchen/bathroom hand towels) with bleach.
 every 2 month
  mop floor

 every 2 week
  bleach all toilet, sink and tub surfaces.
  go extra hard on tub perhaps need scrubbing bubbles.
  mop floor

 every week
  check for any missing staples and add to list
  take list and reusable bags to TJs or other mart and buy
  put away groceries
 every month
  determine if any bulk food needed and purchase from buyers club
  retrieve bulk from Brookline on delivery day and write check

Chore Charts: