For next year:

revised compost system proposal follows:

1.  Ryan's keyhole compost pile is full.  I topped it off with leaves.  Please don't add anymore compost materials to it.  Let's leave it be until Spring and review at that time if it is suitable for distribution. 

2. Use the rolly bin for depositing compost from now on.  Upon doing so take and equal amount of leaves from the leaf pile and add to bin.  Close lid back up.  Then give one half spin IF you didn't have to spin it to reach the door. 

3.  Leaf pile.  If anyone does any raking later please rake into the leaf pile area defined by the two cinder blocks and fence.  Please do not throw away leaves on yard waste collection day or distribute to garden areas.  We need these leaves for the next 12 months for composting purposes. 

4. Stick pile.  To the right of the leaf pile is the stick pile.  Please deposit any wood or sticks here.  This should mainly be for fire kindling.  We can use the ash from the fire pit to add nutrients to the garden beds later.  

5. Trash barrel composts.  There are two extra trash bins labeled yard waste that we don't really need for waste anymore (there's two other trash bins) as we should be keeping all yard waste for our own reuse now.   So I'm trying an experiment to see if I can use them as compost bins.   I've already filled them both up with compost materials and turned them upside down.  Please leave them alone for the winter season and I will evaluate their composting jobs in springtime.  


4 raised beds built.  More soil and plants needed.

Cutting down the front bushes in preparation for Sunflowers halfway down.  Need a chainsaw to finish I think.  

Soil tested for front and back yard are available as an attachment below.  In summary there is 500 ppm lead which should be safe to eat.  

Composting has begun in backyard and can be used to further improve the soil.  
Nathan Larson,
Oct 7, 2011, 9:53 AM