We have 2 openings for September 2017!


We are looking for applicants who have:

1.         Mutual sensitivity, respect, active and outward support, cooperation, social awareness, and a compassionate understanding and openness to gender, and queerness.

2.         Desire and willingness to communicate, empathize, and be constructive

3.         Commitment to responsibility and shared living (chores, cooking, shared expenses, house meetings, etc.)

4.         Things that Whirlybird doesn’t already have (identities, ideas, initiatives, projects, new ways of doing things, etc.)

5.         Community activities & socialization on a regular basis (especially celebrations/holidays)

6.         Desire to learn and grow from others, actively build community, and HAVE FUN!

and who even more generally...

· like being around people

· care about yourself

· care about others 

We welcome people identities and backgrounds to apply!

Some of the specific structures/responsibilities of the house:

·  cook at least 1 house meal every two weeks so we can have foods prepared most days.

·  spend 3--4 hours a month of chore work such as cleaning or grocery shopping

·  attend bi-weekly consensus style meetings with roommates to check in, make plans, review/alter house processes etc.


Money and The Fine Prints...

· Rent - about $650 (+$100 for two people in a room)

· Food (House Fund) = $115/month/person

· Utilities (heat, gas, electric, internet) can fluctuate depending on energy costs and usage but are divided evenly among members.  Currently ~$40/month/person (but ~$50 for Dec - Feb for added heat costs).

· Rent is set by the landlord (also a housemate) but Food and Utility costs are determined by the house members through consensus based decision-making.  

· Move in requires first and last month's rent (no security deposit needed).  

TO APPLY: please email with answers to this questionnaire.

NOTE: Check "About us" section in this website and learn about active members! 

Some house pics:

TO APPLY: please email with answers to this questionnaire.


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