Whirlybird is planning to close down September 1, 2019.  It's been a wonderful adventure.  Thanks for all the memories!


In the past we looked for members like this:

We are seeking someone who has:

    · Mutual sensitivity, respect, active and outward support for all peoples.

    · Commitment to community activities and socializing on a regular basis.

    · Commitment to responsibility and shared living (chores, cooking, shared expenses, house meetings, etc.)

    · Desire to learn, grow and HAVE FUN!

Someone who would...

    · Like being around people

    · Care about yourself

    · Care about others

We welcome all identities and backgrounds to apply!

Specific structures/responsibilities of the house:

    · Spend 5-6 hours a month of chores such as cleaning or grocery shopping

    · Attend weekly consensus style meetings with roommates to check in, make plans, review/alter house processes etc.

Financial Expectations.  The following costs are per person per month and total about $850.

    · Rent = $676 (+$100 for two people in a room which is $378 per person)

    · Food (House Fund) = $125

    · Utilities (heat, gas, electric, internet) = around $40-50 but can fluctuate depending on energy costs and usage and are divided evenly among members. 

    · Rent is set by the landlord (also a housemate) but Food budget is determined by the house members through consensus-based decision-making.

TO APPLY: please email ___ with answers to this questionnaire.

Some house pics:


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