TO APPLY: please email with answers to:

1.  Tell us about yourself (e.g. preferred pronouns) and some things in life you are passionate about.

2.  Describe an example of interpersonal conflict in your past and how you felt and acted to resolve it.

3.  How do you feel about cooking and what do you want meals to look like in a coop house?

4.  Describe a chore you currently do to keep your home clean and what level of cleanliness are you looking for in a house?

5.  Describe an event or project you could see yourself enjoying to help organize or participate in at whirlybird.

6.  What kind of quiet hours would you prefer in your home?

7.  Monthly expenses for rent/house fund/utilities will total about $850.  Will your income be sufficient to meet these expectations?

8.  There is a dog in the house.  Is this ok with you?

9.  Cell phone number?  Does it receive texts?

10. Preferred move in date and any move in flexibility?